Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I fucked up and infected by damn love. I've been hiding in this abstract shit and finally I feel rejected. Now there is no one who can get me outta there.

Love disconnected me from the world around me and loved as I am neglected. In truth, I've been neglected when I've been loving. Now all the walls are coming around me...

I feel paralyzed. I am not taking this tonight!

For last one week I am walking contradiction. There are bright reality that I wish was just another fiction. It shines to my fucking darkness as hard as I hate you. In this moment I just want to disappear. 

I know... I remember everything, I remembers my first steps. Yes, it was me, me - one who made first steps to this curse. It was my goddamn mission to make this love real. To make you believe. And to make myself belive this fucking feeling. It is funny how everything crashed down and now disappears. Now I am ready to watch you while you are destroying what I was giving.

anyway... it is not that sacred now... I can't event thank you for the memories. I hate them too. It is the time to burn all these letters, all these books that remind you, all pictures... your smile... my music.. to you.. to us. There is no any us, there is me and you... There is only me...

After all, many short follies - that is called love by us. Now we are wise and there is no any fool actions.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Beware! We're getting mobile!

I remember long ago when web development was the main trend in IT sphere. Almost all of my friends who just got started to programming first of all learned HTML/CSS, PHP and everything assosiated with world wide web(imagine, even asp too). It was great days, really.
Web was interesting for me too, but I can't claim that I was one of them. Actually I am the person who loves follow the trend. So, I started to learn PHP too, whereas I didn't see my future career as a web developer. I can't forget these days. After some weeks of learning I decided to write a blog script of my own. I really felt concern about this script, 'coz it was going to be my first professional work. So, I wrote this script, but only God knows what I went through. Offensive form of object oriented programming, stupid syntax and more and more and more confusing things of PHP... Even so I did my work and completely wrote my first professional blog script. Now I realize it wasn't worth that. I fell out of love with PHP. And I left it.

I can write the reasons of my hate to PHP too long, but I don't want to offend others, so, I'll just continue my story. After leaving PHP I decided to stand on the side and observe the transformation of this sphere, and at the same time started to learn Java.

Just a note: Java was the first programming language with which I fell in love!

So, time was running out, new standards, new devices came to the IT world. Every new device, new technology, and even new standard brought new opportunities to this world. Whereas before developers just created a websites or something like that, now they started to write some applications for social networks, more professional services and so on. Actually people improved their-selves and the ecosystem around them.

Of course there always were other actual directions of technology like system and network administration, desktop programming and so on, but for me the revolution of IT world was the born of mobile development. As smartphones like iPhone and Android devices became public millions of developers got that it is going to offer very big opportunities, and actually they did. Eventually people became more mobile. As PC left its place to notebooks not long ago, so notebooks are loosing their actuality now. Smartphones and tablets are seizing the crown and it tells us that mobile technologies are rising.

People spend more time with their smartphones than with their PCs and notebooks. They just take their smartphones or tablets and get information that they want. Some of users don't even visit the web versions of some services, they just use this services through the mobile applications. As I noted above, smarphone and tablets market share is growing fast. As much as people leave their PCs and notebooks so they're becoming mobile. And not only users. Modern business also is in process of getting mobile. Companies want their necessary information controlled by more accessible way, executives want to be connected with their employees as fast as possible, agencies want their clients get information about them right from their smartphones and even restaurants are trying to be a part of this trend with their interactive menu ideas.

And you know, it is just the beginning. I am sure that PC and notebooks will go to the office corners where programmers will use them to create new applications for mobile devices and to other people who'll work on document stuff. Ordinary users [end users] will completely integrate to mobile devices like tablets in next 5 years. Then it will be the mobile era :) Keep yourself guaranteed and start learning mobile development, plan your future business through the mobile devices and start making research about these technologies. Reason why? Simple, because we are getting mobile!