Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I fucked up and infected by damn love. I've been hiding in this abstract shit and finally I feel rejected. Now there is no one who can get me outta there.

Love disconnected me from the world around me and loved as I am neglected. In truth, I've been neglected when I've been loving. Now all the walls are coming around me...

I feel paralyzed. I am not taking this tonight!

For last one week I am walking contradiction. There are bright reality that I wish was just another fiction. It shines to my fucking darkness as hard as I hate you. In this moment I just want to disappear. 

I know... I remember everything, I remembers my first steps. Yes, it was me, me - one who made first steps to this curse. It was my goddamn mission to make this love real. To make you believe. And to make myself belive this fucking feeling. It is funny how everything crashed down and now disappears. Now I am ready to watch you while you are destroying what I was giving.

anyway... it is not that sacred now... I can't event thank you for the memories. I hate them too. It is the time to burn all these letters, all these books that remind you, all pictures... your smile... my music.. to you.. to us. There is no any us, there is me and you... There is only me...

After all, many short follies - that is called love by us. Now we are wise and there is no any fool actions.

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